Introducing the FLIP APART and ENJOY FLIP!

Onetop is now introducing two new phone cases for the iPhone 12 Pro. As repeat website visitors well know, we are a famous for designing new and stylish cell phone wallet cases. Both of these wonderful cases double as a phone case and a wallet. While they are pretty similar for the most part, they have some key differences that help to make them unique.


First up is the FLAP APART. This case fits the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro best, but it can also fit other phones with a 6.1 inch display. Each case is made out of quality PU leather, which is both strong enough to keep your phone safe, but soft enough to feel comfortable in your pocket. This case also comes in six colors: purple, blue, black, brown, rose gold, and red. An opening at the bottom of the phone makes it easy to plug in your charger, so you never need to take the case off.

The FLIP APART case also has some great built-in features. First up has to be the added ability to separate the phone case from the wallet section. This feature is great for when your pockets are just a bit too tight to fit a bulkier phone case. There is also a built-in kick stand. This way, you can prop up your phone easily to watch videos, read, or otherwise browse the web—hands free!

The wallet portion of the case is large enough to fit three cards, as well as cash. There is also RFID blocking technology built into every wallet. This helps to make sure that criminals cannot scan your wallet with various radio waves to steal your card information.

As a bonus, there is an additional wrist strip, which can make it even easier to carry your phone around, whether you have pockets or not! Using the strap also makes it less likely that you will accidentally drop your phone. The wrist strap is connected to the case by a small latch. Because of this, the strap is easy to remove and put back on.


The ENJOY FLIP case has all of the same great features as the FLIP APART, including the same great leather material, coloring, storage space, kickstand, and RFID blocking technology. The main differences between the ENJOY FLIP and the FLIP APART is that the ENJOY FLIP is one single phone/wallet case. This means that it cannot be taken apart.

Using and carrying around smartphones should be easy. Both the FLIP APART and ENJOY FLIP make this possible. With either of these two stylish models, you can be sure that your phone is protected from both drops and people looking to steal your credit card information. With so many color options to choose from, there is to sure be a case that fits anyone’s taste. Making use of either the strap or the kick stand can help to make the whole experience even more hands-free, which will leave your hands open to doing more important things than gripping onto your cell phone.

As always, be sure to keep an eye out for new Onetop products. The brand has been committed to developing new products. The new phone case will be launched soon. There may be something that fits your phone and needs perfectly.

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