WALLET STRAP series published this week, We are guaranteed to simplify your life by helping you keep all your essentials easy to access while freeing up your hands. These series have all the features you could possibly want, plus some! The Onetop Experience

Onetop offers, creative cellphone cases and we really know our own stuff. We continually introduce new cases that fit every taste and lifestyle. Appreciate having a wide variety of cases to choose from so the can change your case to fit  current needs.

Onetop does an amazing job at coming up with ways to make your life easier while staying up to date with the break-neck pace of constantly changing technology. Let us look at the 3 latest products to launch and the features we think are most notable, shall we?


First up we have the Pure Zip Strap style case. Our customers absolutely love how fashionable these cases are. The case looks like an adorable strappy purse without all the bulk and hassle of an actual purse. It comes with an adjustable AND removable strap which means your hands are always free to do other things, yet you can carry the case like a wallet when you so desire. Speaking of wallets, the Pure Zip Strap case has a section for your identification, credit cards, cash and includes RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft.

Some of the other features of this case include:

  • Premium leather that looks and feels just like buttah.
  • Your choice of 5 super chic colors (yay for that rich purple color!)
  • A solid frame to protect your phone from drops, cracks, spills, and dus


The Simple Strap case is also available exclusively for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and like the Pure Zip Strap case it features a cross body design with an adjustable, removable strap. This case, however, is offered at a lower price point. Being so affordable means that you need one in all 5 gorgeous colors offered, right? You love to be able to match your accessories to your outfits, after all.

The Wallet Simple Strap case also offers:

  • Amazing faux leather that resists fingerprints and repels oil.
  • Wireless charging capability, simplifying charging.
  • Durability that protects your phone from shocks and scratches.

WALLET CASE PURE STRAP for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Last but certainly not least Onetop offers the Wallet Case Pure Strap for the iPhone. Most of us personally a big fan of the ease of use this case offers for phone button access. The Pure Strap also has the super useful crossbody design with those oh so helpful straps and comes in 5 luscious colors.

Our very favorite features of the Pure Strap Case include:

  • The RFID blocking technology at an incredibly affordable price point.
  • Room for an actual photo so you can always see your loved ones while using your phone.
  • A creative kick stand that is super cool when chatting or watching videos.

We wish it comes slow but last long.



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